Aucuba japonica

An excellent medium-sized evergreen shrub for very shady places, growing in almost any soil and tolerating smoky town conditions well. This male variety is one of the best of the variegated Aucubas with its leaves mottled green and yellow, but try and avoid planting it in known frost-pockets as a harsh, late overnight frost can render the foliage a ghastly shade of black in a trice. Although no pruning is necessary, Aucuba stands clipping well if it is desired to control its size or shape.
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Form 30-45cm
Soil Type Loam
Soil PH Not fussy
Shade Tolerant Yes
Winter Colour Yes
Fragrant or Aromatic No
Exposed Situations No
Foliage Colour Variegated
Maritime Planting Yes
Soil Moisture Not fussy
Flowering Month April
Flower Colour Red
Fruit Colour Red
Botanical_Name Aucuba japonica
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