Bagged wood pellets (Verdo)

Pellets, made of 100% virgin wood. These are used as fuel in wood pellet stoves and boilers which are probably the most efficient way of burning wood. Very high levels of efficiency (well over 90%) are achieved in such devices with very low ash residue after combustion. Clean to handle and store, wood pellets have a moisture content of less than 10%, which means that the heat of combustion is not wasted in driving off excess water content. The pellets use the natural lignins in wood to bind the wood particles together when they are forced at high pressure through the extrusion mill. This produces a very stable pellet which does not readily break down, even when handled in bulk. We can supply individual bags, palleted bags or loads of 10tonnes or more from blown-bulk delivery lorries.
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Botanical_Name Bagged wood pellets (Verdo)
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