The Pruning of Trees etc. (Brown)

Probably THE reference book for the care and maintenance of nearly 450 genera of trees, shrubs, conifers and woody climbers, this essential book is so well known that it is usually referred to simply as "Brown", rather than it's full title "The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs & Conifers. Starting from, and then building on, first principles, Mr Brown guides the reader through the how, why and when of pruning for each genus in alphabetical order, with lots of line drawings and black and white photographs to illustrate the processes involved. Well written, easy to follow and utterly complete, you will probably have need of no other such book for the rest of your gardening life. Now revised and enlarged by Tony Kirkham - Head of Arboretum and Arboricultural Services at Kew - for this Second Edition. 338 pages.
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Botanical_Name The Pruning of Trees Shrubs & Conifers 2nd Edition - Brown
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