Wedding Lists

We are discovering that nowadays, many couples getting married have already established households and often face the awkward task of combining their "things" in the new shared home. This means that either there is simply nowhere to house conventional wedding gifts, such as bread-makers and crockery sets or that the couple already have all the practical items they need for life together.

married couple

And so thoughts of what to put on the wedding list might turn outwards and, more altruistically, outdoors. Over the years, we have quietly tweaked the way in which we manage wedding lists of trees and shrubs for the garden (or wider spaces) into a format that is both simple and straightforward. The sense of making a contribution to the wider environment with a gift that should last way beyond our own lifetimes seems always to gladden the hearts of those involved in these schemes and it is always a genuine pleasure for us each time we manage a tree gift list for a forthcoming wedding.

The first step is usually for us to forward a copy of our catalogue and in quieter moments, the couple-to-be-wed can work their way through the choices and build a list of what they would like. The list is then distributed to friends and family who can call us and discuss which plants they would like to buy for the couple and sort out payment. This is much more straightforward than having to log onto a website, which is also rarely able to answer real questions. Finally, the plants are delivered between November and April - the period of dormancy - at a time to suit the couple, each one labelled with the name of the donor(s).

Many years later, one may not be inclined to ask to see how the Dualit toaster that you gave the couple is doing, but there will be more than a sporting chance that you will be led by the hand to see how "your" Himalayan Birch has grown since that magical day.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility with us, please give us a call and we'll talk you through the process.

What was that? Who's that in the picture? No, not a random one culled from t'interweb, but friends Dave & Celeste, who tied the knot in front of the lens of fashion, media and wedding photographer, Leanne Dixon , all three of whom kindly gave us permission to use the image.

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