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Sitting some 270 metres ( 850 feet in old money ) above sea-level, growing conditions here could be loosely described as being ‘testing’ but, the spin-off of this is that our slow-grown open-ground stock can be despatched almost anywhere and look forward to an easier life than it had enjoyed here at Weasdale.

As a result, we have loyal knots of customers in some of the bleakest parts of the British Isles, who are united by a real sense of achievement in being able to grow anything at all in their locale. Of course we also despatch to customers in ‘ordinary’ parts of the country and, with the Plant Passport system in place, have also extended our service to EU European customers.

GOOGLE MAP NOTE - IMPORTANT. The actual Google flag for our postcode appears on the map to the left of that for Weasdale Nurseries and, critically, this is (annoyingly) what Sat-Nav systems seem to follow. If you follow your SatNav to the letter, it will want to take you across Weasdale Beck and into the growing area of the nursery which most definitely is not suited to cars. That the Sat-Nav directions lead the unquestioning drivers down a rough, unmade track seems not to deter them and we have had to extricate vehicles with a tractor and chain in the past. We have reported this anomaly to Google in the past but are still awaiting a correction.

Please see our drone flight below to guide you in!

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