Our History


Weasdale Nurseries were started in 1950, located at the northern edge of the Howgill Fells in Cumbria at 260m (850ft) elevation. Ours is one of the highest establishments of its kind in the country, far removed from the typical nursery on rich lowland soils and, for those who are willing to pay a little more for something out of the ordinary, we are able to offer uniquely hardy, tough, slow grown trees and shrubs which can be planted in any part of the country with the maximum success.

When you order plants from us we want you to be confident that they’ve withstood our rigorous conditions and, to this end, we endeavour to supply all your requirements from the stock in our nurseries. From time to time, however, the unpredictability of Nature dictates that we can’t guarantee we’ll have sufficient saleable stock of our own in the right size, condition and quantity which means that, in some cases, we have to buy in stock from other growers for direct re-sale. We do, of course, use our experience and knowledge of plants and their growers to ensure the best possible plants are sourced and are careful to examine any bought-in stock to check it is up to standard.

Inevitably, our location & weather conditions prevent us from carrying out all our own propagation so some items are bought in as young stock from specialist growers, then grown on in the nurseries to produce mature saleable plants which have been climate-tested. Any weaker plants will automatically be culled out by our testing climate & exposure.

We offer a wider range of specimen trees than many growers and in a wide range of sizes. It’s worth noting that the smaller trees usually establish themselves very quickly and may even overtake a larger tree planted at the same time, particularly if growing conditions are difficult. However, a taller tree is often preferred or essential to create an immediate effect, so we do offer a selection of larger sizes in our range of stock. (Please note that some of these larger sizes are for collection only as they are too heavy for delivery by carrier. We can also arrange delivery by nursery transport and will make a charge based on mileage for this service.)

As a mail order nursery in a remote rural area, the main core of our workload is mainly geared to the arrival of business by mail, email and phone, and to packing and despatching trees in various ways. This means that, unlike garden centres, where customers are mainly personal shoppers, whilst visitors are welcome to walk round our nurseries unaccompanied, we regret that there is a limit to the amount of attendance which can be given to callers.

Similarly, it is not possible for trees to be lifted there and then for visitors since, in the busy lifting season, this would very often mean that previously arranged work would have to be continually set aside without warning, with consequent unfair delay to earlier bookings currently being prepared for despatch. However, with a few days’ notice, previously ordered trees can be lifted and prepared for customers to collect whenever required.

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