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Crataegus laev. 'Alba Plena'

Like the following, this forms a neat round-headed twiggy tree.

£42.18 EACH
Price Each
INC VAT     EX-VAT £35.15
Size Form Qty 1 (1 - 4) Qty 2 (5 - 9) Qty 3 (10 - 24) Qty 4 (25 - 49)
1/2 std. £34.32 (Price Each) £32.58 (Price Each) £30.90 (Price Each) £30.90 (Price Each) Select
120-150cm £21.12 (Price Each) £20.04 (Price Each) £18.96 (Price Each) £18.96 (Price Each) Select
150-180cm £26.22 (Price Each) £24.96 (Price Each) £23.64 (Price Each) £23.64 (Price Each) Select
180-240cm £32.16 (Price Each) £30.60 (Price Each) £29.04 (Price Each) £29.04 (Price Each) Select
2.4-3m £42.18 (Price Each) £40.08 (Price Each) £37.98 (Price Each) £37.98 (Price Each) Select
2.4-3m Coll. only £42.18 (Price Each) £40.08 (Price Each) £37.98 (Price Each) £37.98 (Price Each) Select
  • Name: Crataegus laev. 'Alba Plena'
  • Price from: £42.18
  • Ex VAT: £35.15
  • Categories: Broadleaved
Soil PH Not fussy
Soil Moisture Not fussy
Soil Type Not fussy
Autumn Colour Yes
Flowering Month May
Flower Colour White
Fruit or Berries Red
Foliage Colour Dark green
Maritime Planting Yes
Exposed Situations Yes
Winter Colour No
Fragrant or Aromatic No
Shade Tolerant No
No. of plants 4 - 9 9 - 24 24 - 49 49 - 499 499 - 100000
Price £42.18 (Price Each) £40.08 (Price Each) £37.98 (Price Each) £37.98 (Price Each) £34.20 (Price Each)

Packing and Carriage Terms

We think that we are probably quite safe in saying that there is probably no-one that packs their plants bettter than we do.  It's not an idle claim and it's not a boast, simply a statement of fact.  So there is an essential labour cost in the charges, the fruits of which you will enjoy when opening your parcel of trees........


Please note that VAT Is additional to all prices and charges and will be added at the rate prevailing at the time of Invoice, which is usually the day of supply.


For any Forest Tree consignment sent on its own, or with Hedging Plants, please add 10% towards Packing & Carriage costs (minimum charge £21.00 + VAT; maximum charge £55.00 + VAT).


For any consignment including Specimen Trees, please add 10% towards Packing & Carriage costs (minimum charge £27.00 + VAT; maximum charge £75.00 + VAT).

Could we point out that, very occasionally, certain larger specimen trees are beyond the capacities of both our own transport and that of our regular carriers.  This may be due to either the sheer weight or size of the specimen(s) concerned.  Under such circumstances we will advise a customer of this and can either arrange special transport at extra cost on their behalf or assist in the loading of their own vehicle here at Weasdale.


For any Hedging Plant consignment sent on its own, or with Forest Trees, please add 10% towards Packing & Carriage costs (minimum charge £21.00 + VAT; maximum charge £55.00 +VAT).


For any Sundries consignment sent on its own, please add 10% towards Packing & Carriage costs (minimum charge £15.00 + VAT; maximum charge £55.00 + VAT).

Exceptions:  Some items such as Books, Midge-Clothing and Gloves can be ordered and sent on their own and we indicate the costs of P&C separately with the items’ descriptions.  On our part, we just want to make sure that we adequately cover the cost of packing and postage and so you may find that, on occasions, we actually charge you less than you were expecting to pay.


The foregoing Carriage terms are applicable to consignments sent to most of the U.K. mainland, but for more distant destinations (e.g. I.o.M. and N. Ireland) we usually have to charge customers the shipping and delivery costs beyond the mainland, and these surcharges will be advised either at the time of sending your Acknowledgement of Order or immediately prior to despatch once the consignment's weight and dimensions are known.  The Scottish Highlands are treated differently by different carriers and so a surcharge may be payable for some deliveries into these parts.  Our advice is to try and choose smaller trees, which will then give us a wider choice of carriers, will keep the carriage cost down and has the added benefit of increasing your new plants' chances of survival in a tough environment!

Under EU Plant Passporting regulations, we are able to despatch our plants to any EU member country destination. Please ask for a quotation.


No charge is ordinarily made for packing or carriage for orders that are collected directly by customers.  Our nurseries are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, but collecting customers who cannot easily call on a weekday during business hours may arrange to collect previously ordered trees outside business hours.  In this case the trees, bundled or root-wrapped as appropriate, and duly identified with labels and Advice Note, will be put out in the packing shed loading bay next to the Office for customers to load up themselves at their convenience.

If requested, we can wrap the trees for collection in the manner that we would for mail-order transport, perhaps to allow safe strapping to a roof-rack or to minimise the space occupied within a car. On such occasions, we will advise you of the costs for this service at the time of ordering.

When sorting out your transport for the collection of an order, please give thought to the low temperatures that you are likely to experience on your return journey and to give adequate protection to the plants against the risk of freezing or contamination from road-salt or the general road-spray aerosol of oils and grime. It's always a good idea to check with us on the physical bulk of your order before coming to collect; on arrival, customers are often surprised equally by either the massive or tiny size of their order. Tell us your car make and model and we'll have a pretty good idea if it will fit or not.

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Crataegus laev. 'Alba Plena'

Like the following, this forms a neat round-headed twiggy tree.

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