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We sit at 850 ft elevation in Cumbria’s Howgill Fells. With a tough, upland growing climate, we are able to offer over 1000 different hardy trees and shrubs. Our unmatched packaging techniques guarantees our products reach you in the best possible condition and our good old-fashioned customer service ensures we have a vast family of happy Weasdale customers. If you’re a new visitor, please come in and explore our site, we hope that you’ll be joining the family soon!



Message posted Friday 6th May 2022 - The lifting season has now ended and so all that remains on sale are the sundries, books and clothing.  This is our final season after 72 wonderful years and, at the end of May, we shall be closing our doors for the last time and retiring.  We are proposing to have a field auction of any remaining plants in the autumn and details of arrangements for this will be added to this webpage in due course.  Please see our availability list in Excel format  HERE or as a PDF HERE for an idea as to what might be available then.    Sundries, books and clothing now on sale -40%.  Check them out HERE  Once they've gone, that's it!


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