Still here! At last we have some news for you about our final stock clearance plans that you may be interested to benefit from.

The arrangements for a field auction proved problematic and we first had to fulfil two major orders for stock, the last of which left in artic trailers in late November.

We aim to offer the remaining stock to all-comers on a DIY (Dig-It-Yourselves) basis and to pay on a PWYTIW basis. Have you crossword fans worked that out? Pay What You Think It's Worth. We realise that this may be too vague for many, but 1/2 price could be a reasonable starting place? A link to a full stocklist is provided HERE for a PDF or HERE for a spreadsheet so that you can see what is left in the ground that may be of interest to you and this also shows the normal retail price. Factor in that we always gave 5% discount for 5 or more, 10% for 10 or more and 20% for 50 or more and understand that you have plenty of scope for securing proper bargains. Some of the stock is mis-shapen or missing a leader and we always graded those as "small/unfit" whilst awaiting their recovery or re-shaping. These can be just a few pounds each.

We'll be opening our metaphorical doors from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 21st February until bud break and visits will be strictly by appointment to avoid unworkable congestion. When you know when you are able to come, email with your preferred "slot" and we'll either confirm the arrangement or offer an alternative time or date.

You'll need to bring: some bags for the roots, a sharp spade and perhaps some extra muscle-power. We no longer have any staff on site, but shall have a small tractor and trailer available to help transport larger stock in from the nursery.

We look forwards to hearing from you soon and hope that we may be able to send you away with some of the last of the Weasdale trees and shrubs.